Data collection through
telephone interviews


We offer telephone interviews from our own call centre in
Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and English.

  • We have 20 years’ experience of conducting telephone interviews.
  • We have 95 CATI stations* for telephone interviews.
  • We conduct telephone interviews with both consumers and companies.
  • We carry out roughly 300,000 telephone interviews per year.
  • We offer telephone interviews in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and English.
  • We are a member of ESOMAR and follow their International Code on Marketing and Social Research Practice.
We carry out roughly 300,000 telephone interviews per year!

When should you choose telephone interviews as a data collection method?

Telephone interviews are a traditional data collection method that is especially suitable for achieving a high response rate and quick survey results. Use of this method has increased in recent years, especially for interviews with companies.

A telephone interview allows us to have a dialogue with the interviewee, ask follow-up questions and react to spontaneous comments and views. Another advantage is that it generates more open, personal and truthful answers due to the personal exchange that takes place over the phone.

We can also check that we’re speaking to the right person and can easily assure quality by having someone listening in.

How do we assure the quality of our telephone interviews?

As with all our data collection, high quality is crucial. We assure the quality of our telephone interviews though our commitment, knowledge, experience and efficient working environment.

We place high demands on the competence of our interview managers and interviewers. Everyone who conducts interviews for us has received training in interview techniques and in our technical system*. Before each project starts, the interviewers are briefed about the topic at hand. We encourage the customer to take part in this briefing.

All our interviews are carried out from our offices in Halmstad and Åre in Sweden, which allows further quality assurance. From here, technical tools can be used and the interviews can be monitored by a listener, giving us optimal possibilities of improving our service. Our interviewers receive daily feedback about their performance, as well as regular coaching to allow ongoing improvement.

During the project, the client is continuously updated about the project’s progress. We maintain full transparency towards customers at all times. For instance, our customers can listen in on the interviews or visit our offices to monitor the field work.

We can conduct telephone interviews in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and English. This allows us to offer market surveys outside the Swedish market, and to optimise quality by gaining more nuanced responses because the respondents feel more comfortable speaking their mother tongue.

*We use Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI), a technique that simplifies and improves the interview situation for the person conducting the interview).

References and experience of telephone interviews

PFM Research i Sverige AB implements an average of 500 surveys per year for companies and public organisations in
our local region, in Scandinavia and throughout Europe, which provide a reliable basis for decision-making.

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