Data collection through our professional Teacher Panel Lärarpanelen


We offer online interviews from our professional Teacher Panel

  • Our professional Teacher Panel was set up in 2013.
  • The Teacher Panel is comprised of teachers and head teachers from preschools to upper secondary schools throughout Sweden.
  • It currently includes members from over 210 Swedish municipalities.
  • We are a member of ESOMAR and follow their International Code on Marketing and Social Research Practice.

Find out what Swedish teachers think

The Swedish school system is always a subject of heated debate. In recent years there has been a marked rise in interest in finding out about teachers’ views and ideas. After all, who is better qualified than teachers to talk about what it’s actually like working in Swedish schools?

Our Teacher Panel helps you gain valuable insight into a wide range of topics concerning schools and education, for instance how authorities can support and facilitate teaching in schools, how schools can be digitalised, or what teachers think about various government decisions.

How do we assure the quality of our Teacher Panel?

Each member is invited to participate in a limited number of online surveys every month. The panel’s members are constantly renewed. All the survey responses are anonymous and the members can unsubscribe from the panel at any time.

To ensure that our Teacher Panel is of the highest quality, the members are randomly recruited by telephone. This also ensures an even distribution of gender, age and region among the members. Your survey can be directed at a specific target group, as we have background information about the panel members that covers the requested sample.

We are a member of the industry association ESOMAR. This ensures that we manage our online panel correctly, for instance with regard to recruitment, identity validation, profile data registration, maintenance and personal data protection.

References and experience of web interviews in the Teacher Panel

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