Advertising surveys

We measure the effects of your advertising by means of pre-tests,
post-tests, marketing metrics, recognition surveys and more.

Let us conduct your advertising survey

We have the capacity, tools and methods to conduct advertising surveys of the highest quality.

We have extensive experience of carrying out advertising surveys of different scopes for companies in a diverse range of industries. Among other things, we measure the effects of your advertising, carry out pre-tests and post-tests, analyse marketing metrics and conduct recognition surveys.

Our advertising surveys can be carried out using various data collection methods such as telephone interviews and/or online interviews. We use the data collection method that best suits your needs. Sometimes different methods can be combined to increase the response rate. Most of our advertising surveys are carried out with the help of our online Opinion Panel. This allows us to quickly and easily reach the right target group and collect the responses.

The results of your advertising survey are compiled and delivered in your chosen format.

References and experience of opinion polls

PFM Research i Sverige AB implements an average of 500 surveys per year for companies and public organisations in
our local region, in Scandinavia and throughout Europe, which provide a reliable basis for decision-making.

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