PFM Research i Sverige AB

A complete provider of data collection services since 1999.

A family business since 1999

PFM Research i Sverige AB is a complete provider of data collection services. We help you collect opinions from your customers, employees and regarding your brand so that you can make the right decisions.

In 1999, the Jönsson family took over PFM Research i Sverige AB. At that time, the company had two customers and annual sales of just over SEK 1 million. 23 years on, we are an established survey company on the Swedish market with thirteen permanent employees and annual sales of SEK 45 million.

We are a member of ESOMAR and follow industry standards for ethical research. We have the highest credit rating (AAA).

  • Sales SEK 45 million.
  • 16 permanent employees
  • 95 CATI stations with 95 telephone interviewers working daytime and evening hours.
  • Our online Opinion Panel with 70,000 telephone-recruited members.
  • Our professional Teacher Panel consisting of teachers and head teachers from 210 Swedish municipalities.

Every year we carry out:

  • More than 500 projects for decision-makers in industry and the public sector.
  • 300,000 telephone interviews with companies and private individuals.
  • 200,000 online surveys.
  • 75 recruitment projects for personal interviews/focus groups.
  • 75,000 postal questionnaires.
  • 50 product tests.
  • 100 user tests.

Implementing surveys is like cooking: The results can only be as good as the raw materials

PFM Research i Sverige AB’s core expertise is data collection. Our customers include some of Sweden’s most well-known survey companies and opinion institutes, who expect the highest quality data.

We focus on quality when it comes to data collection. We know that a survey must always be based on the highest data quality. Otherwise it won’t reflect reality and won’t provide the reliable basis for decision-making it was intended to.

Whatever type of survey you choose to implement, we make sure you get the right method and that the samples are correct and reliable. Thanks to 20 years of experience and our pedantic precision, we guarantee that our deliveries are always of the highest quality.

Now over to Fredrik Jönsson, CEO.

Fredrik Jönsson VD Har Ordet PFM Research I Sverige AB

Happy birthday to us!

In the same year that the hit television series Tre Kronor ended on TV4, Manchester United won the treble and Charlotte Perrelli (neé Nilsson) won the Eurovision Song Contest with “Take me to your heaven”, the Jönsson family took over PFM Research i Sverige AB, back then a company with just two customers.

20 years on, we are an established provider of data collection services on the Swedish market with thirteen permanent employees and annual sales of over SEK 34 million.

The key to success

I am convinced we owe our success to our unstinting focus on quality, combined with our good reputation and excellent customer relationships. Our internal strengths, which contribute to our success, are skills development, excellent teamwork, strong collaboration, a non-hierarchical approach and the conviction that everyone is equal regardless of their position.

Jonas Eriksson

I would like to thank Jonas Eriksson, Sweden’s most successful football referee, who was a guest speaker at our conference in Åre. He spoke about enterprise and leadership in industry. He discussed decision-making in stressful situations and how he handled the pressure when 22 players, 75,000 spectators and several hundred million TV viewers disagreed with his decision.

He talked about meeting the world’s greatest football stars such as Messi, Zlatan and Ronaldo, and how he dealt with their egos. He drew parallels with how managers (referees) get their employees (players) to accept decisions that are made.

During his talk, Jonas emphasised the importance of allowing ourselves to learn and trust each other, and to fuse together new and old competence.

His talk gave all of us in the company an inspiring start to our 2019 anniversary year. Thank you, Jonas, for a fascinating, rewarding and entertaining talk.